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Links to other interesting websites related to the Edwardian age.

Huntley and Palmers
An informative site on the Victorian and Edwardian history of Huntley and Palmer's tins and biscuits, with many colourful images of period items.

Christabel Pankhurst
A sound clip and transcript of Christabel Pankhurst giving a speech in 1908.

Edwardians on film
BBC pages on Mitchell and Kenyon's footage of Edwardians, with pictures from the archive.

An Edwardian State of Mind
Clare Langley Hawthorne's blog on all sorts of matters Edwardian; Clare also writes historical Edwardian fiction.

The Boer War
An informative page on the Boer War with a map of South Africa in 1902 and further links.

A Boer War diary
The diary of J W Milne, from the Gordon Highlanders, recording his experience of the war in 1900, put up by his grandaughter, Kathleen Esslemont.

Edwardian India from a scrapbook by Beryl White
A website run by King's College, London, displaying the scrapbook compiled 1901-1903, by the Edwardian, Beryl White, who lived in India.

Victorian and Edwardian postcards
A collection of black and white postcard images of London reproduced by the Victorian Web, with many Edwardian ones.

The Women's History Network
The Women's History Network produces a magazine twice a year; although all periods are covered, there are often articles relevant to the Edwardian period. Clearly written and good value for money.

Greg Poppleton and his Bakelite Dance Band
Not strictly Edwardian, but excellent jazz and swing music from the 1920s and 1930s with a real period look and feel.

London Underground's Edwardian tile patterns
Doug Rose has been researching the striking Edwardian tile designs on the London Underground for a quarter of a century. Read and see his results here.

Edwardians Online
A website archiving Paul Thompson's Edwardian oral history project, with fascinating interviews, sound clips, and contextual images of the time. This research formed the basis of Thompson's book, 'The Edwardians', 1975, and 1992.

Trade card site for LIEBIG's Extract of Meat collectors, for chromos and all other chocolate card collections.

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