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I am an Edwardian enthusiast and I have set up this online shop to evoke the spirit of the Edwardian age through a carefully chosen selection of items. These are interesting in themselves, and are also excellent for anyone looking for distinctive or historical or nostalgic gifts. I hope that you enjoy looking around.

The reign of Edward VII, 1901-1910, saw a fascinating period of change, in which omnibuses began to replace horse-drawn vehicles, the first cross-channel flight was made, and suburbs spread out into the countryside. Yet, rural labourers lived very much as their parents had done, and aristocrats still followed the glittering round of the season. Most of all, the Edwardian age was a period marked by contrasts. Upper-class country house parties took place, while many lived in slums and sold matches on the streets. Although the British Empire was at its height, it was losing out to new industrial powers, and the British army suffered embarrassing reverses at the hands of the Boers. So behind the familiar, nostalgic advertising images, lies uncertainty, over suffrage, over the pace of technological change, and over national fitness.

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